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The chocolate factory

There was once a magical place where a hundred or so artisans would engage every day in producing a chocolate of flavorful contrasts…

Welcome to our chocolaterie!

We are Gisèle, Rudy, Jessica, Angélique, Patrick, Joseph, Francis, Fabian and many more. For us, chocolate is more than a job, it’s a calling. It is with great pride that, for many years for a lot of us, we’ve been keeping the Galler chocolaterie running.

We work with a fantastic ingredient: chocolate. When it arrives in our workshops, it’s already lived 1001 lives…

From beans harvested, fermented and dried in Africa to roasted ones, ground by our roasting partner, a true metamorphosis at work!

The heart of Galler's skill is in the filling! It's made in our workshops and is based on our own recipes and our top-quality ingredients: vanilla, hazelnuts, fresh pistachios...

Our mission: to give a new dimension to this couverture chocolate, made according to our recipes. Adding contrast, depth and flavours to it by playing on combinations and textures. And above all, combining it with what we do best: the filling.

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A delicious, joyful, fulfilling chocolate

That’s Galler signature chocolate! Our goal is to make tasty, high-quality chocolate accessible to as many people as possible. We don’t make chocolate originally designed for a niche group, nor do we make an industrially formatted product.

Our chocolate reflects the people at Galler: generous, happy, diverse, accessible… Every one of our products is the result of research and reflection: which ingredients should we combine? With what textures? How do we improve the nutritional value while keeping the pleasurable flavour?

Our Constitution


Galler is a chocolate factory, proudly based in Liège, Belgium. We’ve been creating and producing independently since 1976. And independence means freedom

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Our mission is to make our humble contribution to a better world; and we’re doing this with optimism and commitment. It all begins by changing the world of chocolate.

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Freedom is as much about the pleasure of giving chocolate on special occasions as it is about sharing it on an ordinary day.

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Our chocolate factory in Liège produces high-quality, fair trade chocolate. Our goal is to delight people the world over, from the average citizen right up to the Belgian Royal Court. At Galler, none of our products contain palm oil, artifice.

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From our cocoa bean growers, to our passionate chocolatiers, to you, our customers, we act responsibly and transparently with respect for all mankind.

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Our approach is changing, and so is our packaging!
Discover them at your nearest retail outlet. Discover our chocolates


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