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30 Jun.

Walloon investors join the ranks of Galler

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They’re Walloons, they love chocolate and they’ve decided to support our chocolaterie’s numerous projects. We’re pleased to introduce our new investors to you!

Nice ideas are not enough to transform the Galler chocolaterie into a successful, ethical organisation, respectful of human rights and of our planet. More practically, investments are needed as well.

In order to gather the necessary funds, the Chocolaterie has decided to raise its capital by €7 million and to call on Walloon investors. This plan was achieved thanks to the support of our private main investor.

Who are the new Galler investors?

4 Walloon investors, 5 members of Galler’s executive board and 2 institutional investors (Noshaq and Invest for Jobs) have placed their trust in the Galler project.

About the 3 Walloon entrepreneurs who support our chocolaterie…

Luc Pire

Background: Founder of Chèque-lire, of a large editorial group, co-founder and manager of Venturelab, manager of Amnesty International… he also chairs the Ethics Committee at our Chocolaterie.

« The ambition of Chocolaterie Galler is not just a nice ideal: it’s becoming a reality with a significant impact in 2020. I’m convinced that the world of chocolate can change for the better starting from Vaux-sous-Chèvremont! »

Didier Leclercq

Background: eHealth specialist, credited with the development of a number of services in this sector. He is also a resident entrepreneur at VentureLab.

«  I wish to put my experience to the benefit of my region. I’m very happy to be on this adventure and I’m delighted to meet the employees and discover the products. »

Renaud Jamar

Background: Creator of Victor Buck Services with Nicolas Buck, investor in real estate projects and start-ups in Liège.

« What motivates me? Going back to my regional roots, projecting Liege’s expertise and investing in people who share my values. »

Gaëtan Servais, CEO of Noshaq

« The societal and sustainable vision established by GALLER falls perfectly in line with NOSHAQ’s values. NOSHAQ is thrilled to be able to assist the company in overcoming the challenges it faces and to further strengthen the chocolaterie’s Liège roots. »

Christophe Picard, Senior Investment Manager at Invest For Jobs

« GALLER is a benchmark player in the world of Belgian chocolate. The project is also characterised by strong social and societal values, which fully connect with the aspirations of INVEST FOR JOBS. We are proud to be contributing to this corporate vision. »


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