The 16 May 2017

New! 2 macaroons 2017 Edition

Apricot and Pistachio, the sweetness of apricot is balanced by the powerfull of the pistachio.

Mango and Raspberry, a macaroon with the fresh­ness of mango and it’s hart of raspberry

Macaroons 2017 Edition

The 21 March 2017

For easter, put all our eggs in one basket!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Galler mascot of this 2017 edition - the Little Red Hen!

Discover our easter Eggs

The 07 March 2017

Our eggs, simply irresistible

For the second year in a row the chocolaterie Galler is broadening its horizons.
Its standard-bearer? Stylist Jean-Paul Lespagnard!

The Egg Neo-Pop

The 07 February 2017

Valentine's range

Jean Galler makes all hearts leap !


The 04 January 2017

We wish you a year 2017

full of chocolate…

Happy New Year!

The 20 December 2016

For Christmas we wanted to innovate!

In cooperation with the Smart Gastronomy Lab and their 3D printer,
a delicious and exclusive sculpture was born ... What are you waiting for?

To discover in your Galler Shops !