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Galler: a Fairtrade-labelled chocolaterie

As of 2020, Galler has committed to improving the living conditions of cocoa producers.

The official Fairtrade Belgium label will soon appear on all Galler packaging.

This is what it really means.

100% Fairtrade cocoa

Galler commits to paying a fair price for the cocoa used in the production of its chocolate.

We don’t process the beans at the chocolaterie ourselves, we have a contract with a processing partner.

Our processing partner is committed to buying the amount of Fairtrade cocoa beans we have ordered in accordance with the conditions set by the Fairtrade label. This is known as “mass balance”. This commitment is verified by an independent auditing organisation.

What does a fair price mean?

The Fairtrade standard guarantees labelled producers, usually cooperatives, a price floor for the purchasing of their products. This minimum threshold protects them from market fluctuations.

In turn, the standard requires the payment of a yearly premium, allowing the beneficiaries to invest in their development.

The right price, but that's not all!

Fairtrade is founded on 10 key principles: price is only one of them.

The absence of forced or child labour in the plantations, gender equality, no discrimination, decent working conditions and environmental stewardship are also part of the standard.

To find out more, read our article Why buy Fairtrade chocolate?“.

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