Jean Galler

At the age of 16, Jean Galler already knew that chocolate was his life. He was born to a family of professional gourmets – his grandfather was a pastry chef who founded his own brand in 1930 – and so it became apparent that his DNA carried the genes of sweetness and indulgence.

In the land of chocolate

After studying pastry and chocolate in Basel, then working as an apprentice at Gaston Lenôtre in Paris, he received the title of "Best bakery-pastry chef apprentice of Belgium" in 1974. In June of 1976, the young craftsman founded his own chocolate manufactory in Vaux-sous-Chèvremont in the Liège area.

"As far as chocolate is concerned, there are three proficient and experienced countries: Switzerland, Belgium and France. I had the extraordinary opportunity of being exposed to all three approaches before founding my own company. "

Jean Galler

The delight of development

Soon enough, the master chocolatier began to stand out from the rest and seemed to become one of the few to be reckoned with when it came to Belgian chocolate. As the years went by, Galler created new product that quickly gained iconic status. In the meantime, the packaging also changed and evolved to maintain a cutting edge and to stay in tune with the style of the time.

Galler chocolate factory is now renowned for its extensive and colourful range of chocolate bars. They were the first firm to create a dark chocolate enriched with 70% cocoa, as well as being precursors in white chocolate of high quality. Besides, they also were trendsetter when it came to salted cuisine combined with chocolate or concerning wine-and-chocolate pairing.

Galler Namur Shop

Boutiques and international prestige

Throughout the years, a series of new layouts and extensions transformed the chocolate factory on rue de la Station in Vaux, which opened in November 1976.

Alternatively, Jean Galler also inaugurated the first Galler boutique in Brussels in April 1995. As time passed by, he developed a variety of concepts for his shops and tasting rooms, including Chocolat-Thé, Chocolat-Bar and Chocolat-Passion. In 2002 he received the "Innovation Prize" at the Franchising & Partnership exhibition of Brussels for his Chocolat-Thé® concept. The opening of his fully redesigned shop in Namur in late August 2014 announced a new generation of boutiques based on passion and discovery.

Nowadays, the company employs more than 170 people, and its products are available in more than 2,000 points of sale in many countries all around the world.

Peer recognition

Due to a dynamic entrepreneurship and a sense of perfection,  the chocolaterie Galler has continuously borne the title of “ Belgian Royal Warrant Holder” since 1994.

In addition, he was awarded the title "Manager of the Year" by the Belgian magazine Trends Tendances in 1995.

At the cutting edge

Since the beginning, Jean Galler has never ceased to create and innovate. The latest addition to the tablet range is the "Blanc d'Exception" tablet, embodying the heart of his approach - uncompromising quality and a permanent search for taste -.