Our eggs, simply irresistible

For the second year in a row the chocolaterie Galler is broadening its horizons.
Its standard-bearer? Stylist Jean-Paul Lespagnard!

The 2016 models have been reviewed and completed.
The collection has been given substance, as subtle and elegant as might be wished.
The palette of vibrant primaries is softened by lighter tones; orange and green.

New designs have also been dreamed; smart and springtime.
Structured in three movements, the combinations are endless. The Egg thus developed becomes the key accessory in the parade. Surprise detail of this edition, the mirror coating on each creation. Bottom, middle and top reflecting at every possible opportunity the originality of a successful cooperation. The egg hunt is on! It's only up to you to bring them together;

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Egg Neo-Pop makes its entrance!