Les Chocolat du Chat

Some 22 years ago Jean Galler and Philippe Geluck became the genial creators of the Chocolats du Chat.

The fruit of their artistic rivalry has since ripened. Casting off the old look, they decided to freshen up …

In next to no time (and some charcoal sketches), the Pocketbags were totally reconceived. Adorned in warm, vibrant colours, they come in 3 tones, each showing off its own special character; yellow for the Milk Praliné, violet for the Dark Salted Butter Caramel, blue for the 4-vatieties assortment (Milk Praliné, Milk Crispy Praliné, Dark Salted Butter Caramel, Dark Praliné). Their Pop Art look makes the Cat their star, his famous head shown super-large.

The outer appearance is not the only concern in this process of improvement; the inner content has also been rethought. The fillings are now different, definitely for those who can resist anything but the best. Not only have the recipes been improved, so have the formats; smaller, bigger, rounder, thicker ... a feast for the connoisseur!

The metal box makes its comeback. Available only for Christmas and the New Year, it harks back to the days of Pop Art. The lines are lean and clean, the colours varied. Le Chat is presented with some humour, no need for long stories. His arm extends questioningly along the side to his shoulder...

The box is a collector's item containing 16 moments of pleasure. The recipes have been renewed; Milk Praliné, Milk Crispy Praliné, Dark Salted Butter Caramel, Dark Praliné... to die for!