A gift idea that will excite the taste buds. Discover the new Beer and Chocolate Assortment gift set!

It doesn’t matter what time or place, there’s always a good reason to share a beer… and a piece of chocolate!


Share simple pleasures... 

All in one box, the chocolate company has created a beer and chocolate assortment just for you.

On one side, “Bière des Amis”: a beer from Liège created according to an original artisan recipe for a distinctively flavoured drink, on the other, three types of Galler chocolates to discover different flavour combinations full of character.

The assortments are available in 2 versions, to give or to treat yourself: a cellophane set to enjoy with a few friends and family and a box set for more generous moments.

Beer and chocolate assortments

A triple tasting to discover distinctive flavour combinations. Combine delicious selected chocolates with “Bière des Amis” and multiply the flavours! 

How do you enjoy it?

Bite into a chocolate first and let the flavours melt in your mouth.
Next, take a sip of your high fermentation blonde beer... the chocolate and beer harmonise beautifully together, as their aromas blend on your palate.

It’s an explosion of flavours you will enjoy by combining Galler's pralines, truffles and chocolates from your box or cellophane set. Unlimited tastings!

Galler Mint-Lime Chocolate Bar and Matcha-Passion Fruit Praline

The Mint-Lime Dark Chocolate Bar

The beer enhances the refreshing mint combined with the tangy lime, to offer a true summery experience, a refreshing beer and chocolate assortment!

The Matcha–Passion Fruit Praline

When the bitterness of beer meets with the tangy taste of passion fruit and the herbal Matcha Tea... the result is a unique, ultra-refined experience!

Galler Chocolate – Black Coffee Stick and Bitter Chocolate Truffle

The Black Coffee Chocolate Stick

Let yourself go in the harmony of cocoa, black coffee and hazelnut praline for a tasting that will start strong and end sweet... 

The Bitter Truffle

The perfect combination of the truffle’s strong cocoa taste and the bitterness of beer. The delicious, slightly acidulous aftertaste will have you ready for a second tasting experience…

Galler Chocolate - Manon Stick, Peru Praline, Maya Praline

Manon Stick

The characteristics of the Manon stick: the flavours of hazelnuts, cream and coffee are enhanced in this assortment. The sweetness of the Manon stick is subdued by the bitterness of the beer, and the result is an experience of pure refinement.

The Peru Praline

Discover or re-discover the power of cocoa in our classic Peru Praline. 

The Maya Praline

The bitterness of beer contrasts with the sweetness of milk chocolate and almond marzipan.