Passion for chocolate

"How marvellous it is to see someone enjoying chocolate."

An irrepressible craving for chocolate 

Jean Galler was only sixteen when he realised that chocolate would be his life. To accomplish his dream and become a master confectioner, he trained with the greatest masters in Basel, Switzerland and at Gaston Lenôtre in Paris, France. From the beginning, the young chocolate chef found it easy to express his creativity, revealing innovation and a vanguard spirit. He showed more than just talent: he brought his own indulgent touch and a vibrant, colourful style to the world of Belgian chocolate. Jean Galler has a rare combination of qualities: passion and imagination, ambition and energy, poetry and control. In 1974 he was elected "Best bakery-pastry chef apprentice of Belgium", a considerable distinction in the profession. But the true adventure began in 1976 when he founded his "own" chocolate workshop in his "own" city of Liège, Belgium. In a word, the confectioner has become an entrepreneur as the years have passed, but the entrepreneur has never lost sight of his inner child's indulgent dreams.

Chocolat Fouet Galler

Galler, chocolates that speak to the heart

Maintaining his generous, epicurean spirit throughout his career, Jean Galler has never compromised on quality and taste. He has a craftsman's approach to chocolate: he selects the best ingredients and creates chocolate recipes that somehow express more than the sum of their parts. Far from the world of industrial products, Galler chocolate reveals a typically Belgian expertise and a long artisanal tradition. Jean Galler has always been one step ahead, ready to innovate his recipes and his packaging concepts. Take, for example, his chocolate bars filled with natural ingredients – and their irresistible little sidekicks, the mini bars – arrayed in a rainbow of colours to the delight of chocolate lovers young and old.  Or his famous chocolate-filled waffle, a symphony of melting indulgence. Or his exquisitely refreshing white chocolate tablet with yoghurt and raspberries...

These delicious creations are not only bursting with flavour; they also have a sensible side. Yes, Jean Galler has thought of everyone, going so far as to create sugar-free chocolate, tablets and pralines.

Chocolate aficionados know best: they recognise and appreciate the true art of sweetness and refinement. In a private conversation with the spirit of indulgence within each of us, Galler chocolates conquer our hearts with tempting tastes and sincere feelings.

Chocolat Truffes Galler

Strong and sweet

The Belgian confectioner draws strength from his values: a passion for chocolate, a continuing appetite for creativity, and pure perfectionism. After forty years in the profession, Jean Galler remains true to these values. The founder of a joyous – and exquisitely enjoyable – brand, and an internationally recognized figure, he also remains an artisan in the truest sense of the word.

Today his team includes more than 150 people, and his products are sold in more than 2,000 points of sale, including his own shops in Belgium, France, Japan, Dubai and elsewhere. In fact, Galler is one of the most innovative and epicurean family businesses in the entire chocolate world today.

Such dynamic entrepreneurship and perfectionism are justly recognised: since 1994, Jean Galler has continuously enjoyed the title of "Royal Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium".

"The real success is to see that our work brings people enjoyment!"