Easter 2018

The Little Red Hen is back

To the tips of her feathers, her displays are sublime, little eggs in sachets.
What is her pleasure, what she likes? Guaranteeing a well-stocked range. 12 flavours and 3 assortments, so which tastes best?
Eager to make discoveries, her head full of dreams, she walks the paths of her enchanted garden.
Here and there eggs are blooming; on each branch wonderful tastes. The stroll is a delight, a knowing moment of tasting.
A season scattered with chocolates; with generosity, with creativity; for you, for me, feel free, every time!


Assortment: Dark-Milk-White, Milk, Dark

Mono: Only DarkDark raspberry, Dark Praliné, Dark pistachio, Dark Vanilla, Milk Crunchy, Milk Praliné, Milk coconut, Only White, White Crunchy, White Pistache, White Praliné