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About us

Notre ambition ? Contribuer à un monde meilleur, en changeant le monde du chocolat

Galler, chocolaterie indépendante

Founded by Jean Galler in 1976, today Galler is an independent chocolaterie, driven by 170 passionate chocolatiers.

In 1976, Jean Galler opens a chocolate workshop at rue de la station in Vaux-sous-Chèvremont (Liège)…

…over 40 years later, our independent chocolaterie continues its passion for chocolate and perfects its heritage of taste with a new inspiration.

Taste, Joy, Freedom

That’s our motto! An allusion to the Brabançonne, Belgium’s national anthem, and to our Belgian identity for sure, but also a reminder of the values we hold most dear.

And since 2020, Galler also has its own Constitution! Because our chocolaterie is also like a State where chocolate once again becomes the source of joy…

For the cocoa farmers

For the cocoa farmers

For the cocoa farmers
Respect, Joy, Liberty

Through our Fairtrade certification, which contributes to the improvement of their living and working conditions.

  • Guaranteed price floor
  • No child labour
  • No exploitation of workers
En savoir plus
For its teams

For its teams

For its teams
Choice, Joy, Liberty

Through a collaborative organisation and a fulfilling work environment where everyone has a voice.

  • Well-being at work
  • No discrimination
  • Work-life balance
For your health

For your health

For your health
Quality, Joy, Liberty

Through a nutritional charter, to ensure that the chocolate you love is as healthy as possible.

  • No palm oil
  • Less sugar
  • No additives
For the planet

For the planet

For the planet
Respect, Joy, Liberty

Through a comprehensive action plan to reduce our environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of our products.

  • Agroforestry project in Côté d’Ivoire
  • The move towards 100% renewable energy
  • Improvement of our packaging

A Belgian chocolate maker from Liège!

Supplier to the Belgian Court since 1995, the Galler chocolaterie is renowned both in Belgium and internationally for its know-how and the quality of its products.

However, we also cultivate strong ties to our region and our home base:  Liège, the festive town par excellence!

This complex identity, both regional and international, is reflected in our shared ownership, made up by both Walloon and international investors.

Notre constitution



Galler est une chocolaterie liégeoise. Depuis 1976, on crée, on produit, en toute indépendance. Et l’indépendance c’est la liberté.

Voir notre constitution



Notre mission est de contribuer humblement, mais avec un optimisme engagé, à un monde meilleur. Cela commence par changer le monde du chocolat.

Voir notre constitution



La liberté, c’est le plaisir d’offrir du chocolat lors des grandes occasions comme celui d’en partager au quotidien.

Voir notre constitution



Notre chocolaterie liégeoise produit un chocolat de qualité issu du commerce équitable. Afin de régaler le plus grand nombre, des citoyens du monde à la Cour de Belgique. Chez Galler, pas d’huile de palme, pas d’artifices.

Voir notre constitution



Des cultivateurs de fèves de cacao à vous, en passant par nos chocolatiers passionnés, nous agissons de manière responsable et transparente, dans le respect de l’humain.

Voir notre constitution

Notre démarche change, nos emballages aussi !

Découvrez-les dans vos points de ventes. Découvrez nos chocolats


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